Now it is your turn. With the following tools and guidances provided by the network members you can progress your work! Here are some tools, methods and good practices to make ecodesign happen.

Close The Loop

Close The Loop guides designers, producers, retailers and consumers through principles to take into account the whole lifecycle of a garment. Hundreds of strong cases prove a lot is going on already.

Languages: EN, FR, NL


The ecolizer is an ecodesign tool and caters to all designers and companies who want to know and lower the environmental impact of their products. The environmental impact is calculated on the basis of eco-indicators.

Languages: EN, DE, FR, NL


ecocockpit is a calculator tool. It provides you simply and web-based with the necessary data to determine the need for action. On this basis, you can develop concrete measures to reduce CO2.

Languages: DE

Maturity Meter

This tool is a gamified platform to assess the maturity of your company regarding eco-design and life cycle thinking into your product/service offer. It will provide you with instant insight and benchmarks in order to guide your progress.

Languages: EN, FR, NL, DE