We are ENEC, the European Network of ecodesign centers.
Nice to meet you!


The European Network of ecodesign centers was founded in 2012 with the purpose to spread the great concept of ecodesign and circular economy through exchanging knowledge, experience and best practice on all aspects of ecodesign and make ecodesign happen.

Our current member organisations are all directly linked with regional government, which makes this network exceptional, ensuring a unique advisory role in offering guidance on ecodesign, from ‘policy to practice’, to regional, national and global policy-makers including the European Commission and United Nations.


„We are eager to create a sustainable future as a result of supplying inspirations how magnificent ecodesign is.“

„We are keen to make ecodesign happen by exchanging knowledge and publishing reportable news about the current state of research.“

„We long to build and improve the future of ecodesign through sharing permanently ameliorating tools.“


The European Network of ecodesign centers is spread over the wohle continent as its name implies. Therethrough we are able to pool our resources, competences and forces to keep everybody up to date and learn from each other. Every network member has its own emphasis and contributes its special knowledge. Only together we can make ecodesign happen.