OVAM Case Studies


‚ÄčThe Ecolizer is an ecodesign tool and caters to all designers and companies who want to know and lower the environmental impact of their products.
The Ecolizer calculates quickly and easily the environmental impact of your product. You can calculate the overall environmental impact, but also the impact of each phase in the life cycle of a product so you can tackle a life cycle phase with a high environmental impact. In addition to the analysis of a product, you can also compare the scores of products with each other.

Use for free in Dutch, French or English and soon German! 

Get inspired by ecodesign cases

‚ÄčOVAM selected 20 new and extraordinary examples of ecodesign. Criteria used for this selection were global relevance, innovation level and potential diffusion on the market.
Why own a washing machine or headphone if you can use it without worrying? How are magazines printed 'on demand' or how will bio degradable diapers reduce our waste. Techniques to dye clothes without water or keep fruit three times longer exists! 
Together with many other cases you'll find just that case in your sector to inspire you!